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Tube Designs

07 November 2012  |  C, G, & J Inc  |  Heat Transfer Experts
Your ability to make money is directly tied to how well your equipment is running. Many times you can use replacement parts that meet the original equipment specifications; however, sometimes you need replacement equipment that can handle tougher applications. We use three different designs to build our charge air coolers to ensure they can handle even the most extreme applications.

We can build any of our charge air coolers using any of these designs. We can even build our radiators using the Heavy Duty and Ultimate Duty designs. All of our oil coolers use our Ultimate Duty C-Bar design, meaning they can endure a lot of abuse. Take a look at our designs and see what will meet your needs.

Standard Duty

Our Standard Duty design is a stuffed tube design that works well for equipment receiving average wear and tear.

When you all you need is a replacement charge air cooler that meets the specifications of the manufacturer’s original equipment, then our Standard Duty stuffed tube design is what you want. This is the standard design that we use when building all of our stock charge air coolers. It consists of stuffed tubes mounted on headers. The tanks are then TIG welded to the headers. These charge air coolers will perform well for equipment that operates in an average working environment and receives normal wear and tear.

Heavy Duty

If your equipment takes some extra abuse, then our Heavy Duty design is what you’re looking for.

Some times you need equipment to continue performing even while receiving some extra abuse. Our Heavy Duty design will handle exactly that. Designed with abuse in mind, these charge air coolers use an extruded tube in place of the stuffed tube. Extruded tubes are created from a solid piece of metal, leaving no seam joints and reducing the chance of leaks. These are mounted on headers, which the tanks are then TIG welded to. Our heavy duty charge air coolers are what you need for equipment that has to perform above and beyond the call of duty.

Ultimate Duty C-Bar

Our Ultimate Duty C-Bar design utilizes extruded tubes and has the tanks welded directly to the core. Our charge air coolers, oil coolers, and radiators made with our C-Bar design can handle even the worst environment.

When your job requires your equipment to endure extreme wear and tear, you need our Ultimate Duty C-Bar design. With C-Bar you get the ultimate in performance from your charge air cooler, oil cooler, or radiator. The C-Bar design uses extruded tubes like the Heavy Duty design, but eliminates the headers. Instead, the tanks are welded directly to the core creating the most secure bond possible between the tanks and core. In addition, the interior of the tanks are rounded so that they can withstand additional pressure and heat without failing. The Ultimate Duty C-Bar design can handle the worst conditions imaginable. For additional information about our C-Bar Design, see The C-Bar Advantage.

Micro Tube

Micro tube is also available.

Some applications require cores built with micro tube. We’ve got you covered there as well. If you need a micro tube unit, please give us a call so we can make sure we get exactly what you need.

Feedlot Cores

In addition to the above designs, we can manufacture the cores for feedlot type applications. Equipment operated in an environment with a lot of debris in the air can have reduced air flow through the the charge air cooler, oil cooler, or radiator core because of clogging. Once the air flow becomes clogged, the heat begins to build up in the equipment and costly damage and loss of productivity can occur. For these types of environment, we recommend a feedlot core which uses fewer fins per inch and allows larger debris to pass through without obstructing the air flow. For more information regarding our Feedlot cores, please call us at 1-800-223-4299.

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