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BT 1197D - Aluminum Advance Mixer Truck Charge Air Cooler

BT 1197D Image
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Price: $2,342.26
Sale Price: $1,951.88
Shipping cost per item: $150.00
Designed for the following vehicles and equipment:
  • Advance Mixer Truck

The all aluminum BT 1197D Advance charge air cooler is an exact fit, OEM repalcement for Mixer trucks. Manufactured in the USA using controlled atmosphere brazing, the epoxy free core is built using our heaviest duty, most durable design. Solid, extruded tubes and a header-less core ensures it can withstand tremendous heat and pressure. The core measures 31.50 inches from tank to tank, 26.00 inches from side to side, and 3.15 inches thick. Aluminum tanks are TIG welded directly to the core to ensure the strongest possible bond. The inlet and outlet both measure 4.00 inches.

Core Measurements
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31.50 26.00 3.15
Additional Details
Construction MaterialAluminum
International Shipping Available
What Our Customers are Saying

Just received our custom size double pass drag race radiator today. I would like to thank you gentlemen for the craftsmanship and quality that you put in your products. It fit like a glove! Great turn around time also. We have one very happy customer. Great job. You will be the only radiator supplier we will use, period.

Stan T. - Fastech Motorsports
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